My Approach

Coaching is a conversation with a purpose.

I take you on a guided journey to Deep Joy or Transformational Growth, to re-energize your inner power, and amaze your world, to breakthrough your roadblocks, and to reach your dreams.

You may opt to use the Quest for Deep Joy program, or you can opt for open-ended Transformational Growth coaching where you choose the topic.  Your choice.

I had the privilege to work as a life coach / mentor in 2017-18 and found great satisfaction in helping others find a new path in life. In 2019, I was certified as an Agile Coach which includes the methods and skills of Professional Coaching, an approach to partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

In early 2020 (even before COVID-19 became ‘the new normal’), I had an inspiration to begin focusing on Deep Joy…. the deep-in-your-soul happiness that you manage within yourself, in spite of the storms of life… in spite of being unable to control the health and well-being of those around you, and in some cases, your own self. It is my own greatest challenge (especially seasonal affective disorder) and one I’ve researched greatly, and a journey I love to help others through.

We need to forget what we think we are, so that we can really become what we are.

Paulo coelho

In the early days of my career (IT and management), I found inspiration in a variety of people… some real, some fictional. My early role model was Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise.  My early handbooks were “Flight of the Buffalo: Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead”, “The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus”, and “The Rise of the Creative Class”.   As a leader, I wanted to create the most amazing where my team would love coming to work everyday, find challenge and growth opportunities, love working as a team, create great products, and never want to leave.

Nowadays, in coaching, I focus on mid-life professionals, entrepreneurs, go-getters, and active retirees who need to get back to confidence, resilience, creativity, energy, and hopefulness to advance their mission.

I prefer in-person discussions, but that would limit my reach in the world. I make use of Zoom video calls to enable me to serve anyone across the planet.

We’ll plan the steps to get there… because every journey begins with step ONE and requires a set of consistent steps toward the goal.  I’ll be there by your side, as your coach in your own personal journey. This is about your destiny, not mine.

The world needs your gift, your purpose.
Take your power back so you can share it with the world.

The Power of Music & Videos

I believe strongly in the power of music and well-constructed speeches (for example, TED Talks). With that in mind, I’ve created a few playlists to support you in your own Quest.

I have a Spotify list that contains music for yoga, meditation and reflection… primarily calm or calm-energy selections.

In YouTube, I have a playlist with empowering videos about happiness, brain science, joy, purpose, and other related topics. I also include, in that playlist, a collection of my favorite yoga videos.

Lastly, I created a YouTube playlist containing some of the greatest songs to energize you, focused on Resilience, Survival, Living Strong, Being Brave, and Standing Tall.

Curious about the Green Hat ?

My Green Hat for Creativity

Curious about the why I chose to name my company “Green Hat”??? Edward DeBono created a parallel thinking process using six colored hats to evaluate problems and devise solutions from various perspectives. The green hat is the one that focuses on creativity, possibilities, and new alternatives… new concepts and new perspectives. I love creativity, creative spaces, creativity games, and creative solutions. I hope that I can spark a bit of that creativity in you, helping you to see many new options for yourself, and new ways of achieving your dreams.  Read more about the philosophy.