Coaching for reflection and to think more broadly & deeply…

Theresa Lankes

Enjoying the 12-week Self-Study Quest for Deep Joy

Stuart (Scotland)

Enjoying the multi-faceted approach of the Quest for Deep Joy

Jen (Portugal)

Loves the Quest workbook for better accountability!

Ken (USA)

Public-speaking & Story-telling

Jean Baptiste Hategekimana

Integrations/API Scrum Team in Lisbon

Hugo Mendonça

Help during the early stages of his career…

Jinesh Parekh

Help during an Agile Transformation

Quintus Schulzke

Help for a new Digital Product Director

Tom Kelleher

Help during the journey into a New Career

Laura Balis

Help during Agile Transformation

Sharat Bhargav

Help during a Year-Long Transition

Betty Chamberlain