I take you on a guided journey to Deep Joy, to re-energize your inner power, and amaze your world, to reach your dreams. Take the journey, find Deep Joy, and get the secrets and skills to STAY in DEEP JOY. Invest in your own self and waste no more of your precious life.

I focus on mid-life professionals and entrepreneurs who need to get back to confidence, resilience, creativity, energy, and hopefulness to advance their mission.

All coaching is one-on-one – personal, customized, and confidential. I prefer in-person discussions, but that would limit my own ability to influence YOUR present and future. I make use of Zoom video calls to enable me to serve anyone across the planet.

It’s time to re-energize your passion, strengthen your skills, swap limiting beliefs for empowering beliefs, and ignite your DEEP JOY. THEN, and only then, you’ll be ready to re-write your story and create the amazing results… ready to give your BEST self to the world… your unique and inner Superpower…. the future you’re already dreaming of!

We’ll plan the steps to get there… because every journey begins with step ONE and requires a set of consistent steps toward the goal.  I’ll be there by your side, as your coach in this Journey to Joy.  

I coach deeply, challenging you to dig in deep. I coach only in one-on-one sessions so that each conversation is private and personalized. How long it takes and how often we talk is up to you. Two months of weekly sessions, or one year bi-weekly, or something in between.

If you’re stuck, I can help.
If it feels urgent AND important, I can help.

The world needs your gift, your purpose.
Take your power back so you can share it with the world.

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Does your team need to be more innovative, flexible, inspiring, and collaborative? Not moving fast enough to out-perform the competition? Not delivering consistent value, or pivoting often enough as the customer needs change? Need to spark new energy into your product/service and business?

The heart of soul of Agile is about collaboration and delivering products in small but valuable bits to provide customer value quickly, frequently. and also to LEARN what adaptations could be most valuable for the next iteration. Agile thinking and methods are moving beyond just the world of software development to many other types of work and businesses. Let me show you how and why!

Elements in Agile Coaching


Custom Engagements

Everyone’s journey is custom, and it takes time to make major changes!

Interested in one of my coaching packages? Check out the Packages page.

Whether you need to shift your business to Agile, or shift yourself into Deep Joy, it all begins with a introductory session.

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Looking specifically for an agile training course, specifically around the scrum process? We can offer a 2-day course to corporate teams on request, or can provide a customized personal training/coaching session online. Head over to the Contact Us page and indicate your preference.

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Curious about the Green Hat??? Edward DeBono created a parallel thinking process using six colored hats to evaluate problems and devise solutions from various perspectives. The green hat is the one that focuses on creativity, possibilities, and new alternatives… new concepts and new perspectives. For us, this is the embodiment of our new services of coaching for innovation. Read more about the philosophy.

Inspiring & Enabling a Better You