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What if you could transform your life and leadership to create amazing results in just 6 months?

Think of it… you can find the inner strength to face your world with confidence, hopefulness, and resilience each and every day.
You can change how you present yourself to your friends, family and colleagues in your personal and professional life!
You can learn to manage fears, pains, sorrows, and setbacks with greater inner confidence and flexibility, finding new ways to learn from each experience.

I am a Transitions & Transformations Life Coach. I work with mid-to-senior professionals and mid-life individuals who are looking for deeper purpose, greater impact, higher outcomes, and meaningful change in their life and leadership.

Empty-nesters looking for their next endeavor in the world.
Sole Proprietors looking to take their business to the next level.
New retirees looking for a more active, adventurous and meaningful retirement.
Recent divorcees and widow/widowers ready to move forward to find refreshed joy in life.
Mid-career professionals looking for confidence, clarity, credibility, and their next promotion.

Look No further!

Awareness of your Beauty and Power.
Confidence to Spread your Wings.
Happiness in Today’s Sunshine.
Hopefulness in Tomorrow’s Opportunity.
Resilience to Survive the Predators.
Joy in the Warmth of Relationships.
Readiness to Reach your Goals.
Boldly Acting to Live Your Purpose.

Take the journey with me by your side. Your friendly, empathetic provocateur, here by your side, to inspire faster and deeper growth & change.

Who am I?

I’m Thene Sheehy!

At heart, I’m a coach, catalyst, teacher, mentor, guide, solution designer,¬†leader, cheerleader.¬† I love creating and environment and the space for people to grow into the greatness within them.

When I managed large teams in corporate America, this was how I managed.  How I led.  How I believe leaders are called to lead… should lead.

After 42 years in IT and software development, 20 years in leadership, and nearly 10 years in coaching, I now focus on purpose-driven, intrinsic, sustainable joy in both your personal and professional life.

As a life coach focused on happiness, breakthroughs, agile thinking, and a growth mindset, I use my heart and soul to help guide you, a catalyst for growth, to nudge you, to Deep Joy and Transformational Growth. I believe in the big picture, the holistic approach, the Infinite Game, and the power that Deep Joy can give you… and the greater power for Good in the world.

I am an empathizer, coach, and believer.

I am approachable, understanding, and empathetic.

I come from a position of love and wisdom, helping you and prompting you to find your own creative innovations.

I come from the world of science and technology to help you through a no-nonsense journey to a better you… because a better YOU means better teams, better products, a better life, bold outcomes, and bigger achievements.

More about me…

What might be your own personal outcome?

Let’s explore that!

Launch your new charity.

Create your next startup. 

Build your next product line.

Double your sales. 

Land the promotion or totally change careers.

Move abroad and broaden your options.

Double the love in your marriage. 

Create an active and purpose-driven retirement.

Start a new life after divorce in your dream location.

…. your goals, your dreams, your aspirations!

What is Deep Joy?

Deep Joy is a term I coined myself… to encapsulate the idea of intrinsic, lasting, sustainable, resilient, and deep-in-your-soul, purpose-driven joy. Deep Joy gives you the energy and motivation to deliver your own best self to the world, and live out your own purpose. Deep Joy fuels Transitions & Transformations, and they fuel Deep Joy, in an sustainable cycle.

Deep Joy is an ongoing journey through life, a way of thinking and being, a mindset and a lifestyle, the ability to enjoy flexibility, to be resilient in the face of heartache and frustrations…

… a conscious choice achieved through conscious action.


Green Hat Coaching & Consulting is owned and operated by Thene Sheehy, an American now living on the Silver Coast of Portugal.

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