Green Hat Coaching & Consulting coaches individuals and teams to be innovative and agile in a competitive marketplace, to spark new energy into their product/service, business, and/or their life.

We offer packages for 3 months and more. Everyone’s journey is custom, but it takes time to make major changes!

We offer one on one sessions, group sessions, and options for teams.
Through a variety of techniques, exercises,and games, we help increase your innovation and creativity, and help teams deliver more innovative products.

It all begins with a introductory discovery session at no cost to find out what you want to achieve, where you are now, and see what might be holding you back.

Are you ready to schedule your discovery session? Contact us to set up a time!

Looking specifically for an agile training course, specifically around the scrum process? I will offer a 2-day course to corporate teams on request, and will occasionally offer online 2-day courses to the public, for groups of 5-7. Head over to the Contact Us page and indicate your preference.

Curious about the Green Hat??? Edward DeBono created a parallel thinking process using six colored hats to evaluate problems and devise solutions from various perspectives. The green hat is the one that focuses on creativity, possibilities, and new alternatives… new concepts and new perspectives. For us, this is the embodiment of our new services of coaching for innovation. Read more about the philosophy.

Inspiring & Enabling Innovation