Tom Kelleher

Help for a new Digital Product Director

Thene is a rare person: tremendously committed, a tireless worker, and a fine mind.

We met when I stepped into a new job as Digital Product Director with Healthways International, and she came in as my project manager. That title doesn’t do her justice; while a spot-on project manager she has talents in product management, scrum, agile development, and more. Her ability to recall, synthesize and prioritize the million particulars of our work – including promises to clients on multiple continents, the ever-changing landscape of SQA, shifts in corporate direction and staff, and far more – has amazed me from the very start.

I say without shame, she has saved my bacon on more occasions than I can count with her command of her work and her remarkable grasp of the hundred changing cross-currents we encounter in the course of each month. And she’s fun. She’s warm, light-hearted, forward-looking, collaborative, understanding and a good friend. Her partnership and friendship have been among the most rewarding aspects of my time in this position at Healthways International.

Tom Kelleher,
Behavioral Insights Technologist, Product Manager, Software Architect and Developer, Consultant

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