Sharat Bhargav

Help during Agile Transformation

I worked with Thene during her stint as the Director of Enterprise Agile Delivery in Nextiva.

Thene brought a remarkable positive energy to drive the Agile transformation in Nextiva which was essential in helping us streamline a number of processes and help us accelerate our Agile delivery in the face of very tight Product deadlines. Some of Thene’s significant achievements at Nextiva included driving the migration of all the Platform modules from Rally to Jira as well as establishing very logical and systematic sprint schedules and metrics which provided very predictable velocity patterns to drive the agile delivery for teams. Thene’s strongest assets are her extremely positive and always wiling to help attitude as well as her open-mindedness in being able to patiently hear all viewpoints pertaining to an issue before taking the best decision.

I would highly recommend Thene for her deep knowledge of the Agile process as well as her ability to take on challenges, solve critical problems and demonstrate strong results in a time-critical manner.

Sharat Bhargav, CSM, CSPO – Senior Product Manager at Nextiva

Published by Thene Sheehy

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