Rachael Hamilton

I went from feeling hopeless and helpless to feeling empowered.

I’d reached a point in my career and life where it felt like everything was out of control. My career had become even more demanding than it was previously with zero benefit to my overall life. I reached a point of feeling hopeless and helpless. What I did have, was the knowledge that if I reached out to Thene, she may have a suggestion. 

Well, Thene didn’t just have a suggestion, she dove right in head first to guide me into resolution for each aspect of my personal life, health and career. 

I went from feeling hopeless and helpless to feeling empowered. Thene posed the right questions in the right sequence to engage my full potential from the very initial meeting. I was provided not only her professional support and knowledge, but the tools to make everything happen. 

I felt “seen” for the first time. I felt hopeful and guided to arrive exactly where I needed to be. 

My “ah ha” moment was realizing that I no longer needed to live life from the standpoint of “survival” but had grown so much that my discomfort was coming from transitioning into living life from the standpoint of “living”. 

With Thene’s expertise, guidance and support, I’m now transitioning my life into “thriving”. Thene’s dedication to my overall success in Life, is unmatched by even the support of my closest family and friends, she shows up in full support every time!

Career: I was able to more than double my income

Health: Thene virtually held my hand and supported me thru the scariest testing in my life

Mental Health: I no longer view life from the standpoint of survival, I am enjoying my life and its moments. Taking a minute to feel the “deep joy” in whats happening around me on a regular basis. 

If you find yourself with the opportunity to spend time with Thene, whether in person or virtually, snap it up, its worth its weight in GOLD. 

Published by Thene Sheehy

Living & Working in the Silver Coast of Portugal