I use public speaking opportunities to share my message about the Quest for Deep Joy and The Heart & Soul of Agile.

I apply the Science of Happiness to leadership, software development, agile businesses, and life to move us all toward a Culture of Joy.

My Keynote

Why Leaders need Deep Joy in the Workplace: An exploration of the elements of happiness, how we can control happiness, and why it is needed in the workplace, for our teams and for ourselves. Let’s dip our toes into the research and science of happiness to push for culture change for better and lasting results.

Additional Topics

  • How Storytelling cultivates Workplace Happiness
  • Are you a Drama Queen (or King)? How to improve your results at work and home.
  • How Inspirational and Powerful Questions enable Happiness via Growth
  • What’s your Nudge? How to stay happy each day!
  • Building Your Bravery
  • Aligning the Agile Principles with the Science of Happiness

Joy Matters – my Face-to-Face Friday Videos

You’ll find my collection of Joy Matters videos on my YouTube channel. Each video is 5-10 minutes on a specific topic related to Deep Joy, provided to give you weekly encouragement and new ideas for mindset and practices. The initial videos were filmed in September, 2020.


I also love to participate in podcasts when my message about the criticality of Deep Joy and Sustainable, Intrinsic Happiness is meaningful.

Christoper Kai’s Gifters podcast (November, 2020):

Aaron Tam’s First Generations podcast (January, 2021):

Speaker Bio

I’m an Agile & Happiness Expert, International/Global Speaker, and Coach on Deep Joy, the ‘Heart & Soul of Agile’, and ‘Why Deep Joy Matters in the Workplace’, along with related topics around leadership, business agility, boosting teamwork and engagement, and creating a culture of joy. My signature program is The Quest for Deep Joy and Life in Deep Joy.

After 40 years in IT and software development, 20 years in leadership, and nearly 10 years in coaching, I now focus on purpose-driven, intrinsic, sustainable joy in both your personal and professional life. I now share my strategies via one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and professional public speaking.


I’m available For

  • Keynotes
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Podcasts
  • Seminars/Conferences


When you hire Thene Sheehy as a keynote speaker or executive coach she will bring joy and happiness based on science to your business. – Christopher Kai, The Gifters Podcast, International Speaker & Author

Thene helped me to reconcile the ‘leader’ persona with the ‘personal’ persona, and encouraged me to think intentionally about the happiness for myself as well as the workplace. She thinks very deeply about how business agility can be used to lift everyone up, which is encouraging given that change is often seen as a negative. It’s my pleasure to have Thene in my network and I’m grateful for her inspiration. – Jennifer Stirrup, CEO and Founder of Data Relish, UK.

Thene brings clarity to the personal responsibility piece of any success. – Shelly McCulloch DeLeon, Speaker & Trainer

The world needs more happiness and Thene will show us how to find the second most important thing in life… happiness. – Doctor Lynn, Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Speaker

I was inspired by Thene’s reminder that our happiness is impacted by our thoughts, and that a growth mind set cultivates our own happiness. Her positive message is packaged with ideas to find deep joy and real-life examples that I found entertaining and interesting. – Cherilynn Castleman, Global Sales Keynote Speaker / Chief Learning Officer, Sistas In Sales

Thene is a master at blending the science of happiness with real solutions that work. – Karen Putz, 14X Author, International Speaker, and Executive Life Coach

Thene is passionate with the science of happiness. She brings clarity and inspiration for individuals to living with a purposeful mindset…a mindset that helps pave the path for the next generation.” – Aaron Tam, CPA, Founder and Host of the First Generations Podcast 

“I’m delighted to have you as a collaborator on the workshop series. With you involved, it will be twice as good!”

“Your presentation literally brought tears to my my eyes.”

“Thene is remarkable when she speaks.”