Thene Sheehy

After 40 years in IT and leader roles, and a few stints as a business owner, I want to touch more lives in bigger ways.

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in many leadership and teamwork concepts and approaches,  creativity-builders, problem-solving, and self-discovery methods. I am now blending all of these as I help new leaders and teams find better ways of working together, and innovating and launching their products or services.

Intro to Agile: I was introduced to agile thinking and the scrum and kanban methods in 2013 and love the alternative approach for businesses where change is the norm and the product is ever-evolving.  These approaches are used often in software development teams, but apply equally well to all products and services, and even life-planning.

Credentials: I am certified via Project Management Institute (PMI), Scrum Alliance, and ScrumStudy, and enjoy sharing the pros/cons and options of the various agile approaches to help you find what will work for your own team.

The Migration: Need a jolt of creativity and renewed passion in your everyday personal life? Try moving to a foreign country! My husband and I did, and we’ve found that a new environment is a great source of energy and creativity. In the spirit of pay-it-forward, we’d like to help others that want to make the same transition to a life abroad. Green Hat Coaching also helps those wanting to “innovate” their life choices.

The Shift into Coaching: I had the privilege to work as a life coach / mentor in 2017-18 and found great satisfaction in helping others find a new path in life. In 2019, I was certified as an Agile Coach which includes the methods and skills of Professional Coaching, an approach to partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

One of my ‘sweet spots’ is in helping project managers and leaders who are comfortable in the waterfall, fully pre-planned world of project management to adjust and ease into agile thinking and the adaptive and ever-changing planning approaches with scrum and kanban. This applies in your personal life, as well! Want to shift from a fully pre-planned well-formed and structured life to something more with more creativity, flexibility and passion. Agile Thinking applies!

On the flip side, I enjoy helping those who much prefer the agile/scrum, flexible approaches find some value in a few of the elements of the more strict and planned project management approach. Sometimes, the situation warrants more planning, risk management, communications management, and cost controls. It all depends on the situation.

Life Coaching to Deep Joy: And… in early 2020 (even before COVID-19 became ‘the new normal’), I had an inspiration to begin focusing on Deep Joy…. the deep-in-your-soul happiness that you manage within yourself, in spite of the storms of life… in spite of being unable to control the health and well-being of those around you, and in some cases, your own self. It is my own challenge and one I’ve researched greatly, and a journey I love to help others through. Helping others toward a better life and deep lasting joy is my own Purpose.

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