My Life

Want to know a bit more about me and my life? I’m happy to share if that helps you get to know me better and trust me with your story and your journey in life.

Here, you can see recent (2020) photos with the love of my life, Roger. As you can see, he is my life partner and does a great job of making me laugh and sharing our ups and downs together. He’s every bit as romantic and fun as he appears in these photos, and he says this is due to his Irish soul.

Sometimes, life is fun getting dressed up and wearing heels. These days, most of my time is spent in tennies and sweatshirts.

We love the ancient places in Portugal.

We love walking hand in hand.

We love our journey through life together.

We came to Portugal for a better life… a slower pace of life, working to LIVE (not the opposite), to better manage our cost of living, to live a bit more minimalist life, and to be based in Europe to enable traveling to cool places.

All of this is part of my own personal journey in Deep Joy… my quest for the meaning and purpose in life.

And a photo of our most recent pup, Miss Murphy Jean Sheehy. She made the journey with us from the US in 2018, but has since passed over the rainbow bridge. She was a mellow girl and consented to photos in fun hats.

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