Innovation and Agility are enabled by several theories and practices developed by a variety of researchers and practioners throughout the years. Here’s a quick definition of a few that we use in our own practice.

colored brain image

lateral thinking – creatively looking at problems through a variety of perspectives to find new options and great solutions

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design thinking – an approach to finding great products by getting into the hearts and heads of your customers, collaborating closely with customers, using creative abrasion in your team to design solutions, and prototyping and testing hypotheses in the marketplace

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high-performance teamwork – teams who can challenge each other, discuss options, critique designs to shape better ones, communicate fully, and make use of the best elements of each person in the team

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short adaptation cycles with a ‘deliver-to-learn’ approach – leaders and teams who can learn to deliver small increments of their product to the marketplace to test elements in the hands of buyers/users minimize time and cost, and deliver better products more quickly

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retrospective feedback loops – leaders and teams who can frequently look back at their own process and product and consider improvements will advance their own levels of creativity, innovation and teamwork quickly – a key to winning in the marketplace

Be agile. Be engaging. Be relevant.

Nearly twenty years after first writing about ‘agile’, Alistair Cockburn now goes back to the heart of agile. Produce better results. Together. Why? Because ‘together’ is more enjoyable. Because ‘together’ produces better products. Because ‘together’ produces products that customers enjoy more. When we ENGAGE with our customers to produce products for them, we DELIVER better products for them. And better products are engaging! We all want to use products and tools that give us great results and do so in a way that gives us joy. Agile thinking and agile approaches are, in themselves, engaging for the team, and produce more engaging products, which are, therefore, more relevant in a competitive marketplace.

The Heart of Agile is a radically simpler approach to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Be agile.

Be engaging.

Be relevant.