We are driven by a passion for an ever-improving world!


Green Hat Coaching & Consulting trains and coaches leaders and their teams to be innovative, agile, inspiring, and collaborative in a competitive marketplace.

We advance your personal creative thinking, your leadership and teamwork skills, and team creativity, to the next level to inspire and enable product innovation in constant and sustainable flow.


A world full of collaboration & creativity, positive energy in collective motion, moving together toward a better future for all.


Commitment – dedication to furthering innovation and agility, dedication to helping clients move forward in their thinking and skills, dedication to the team as we work together to advance our vision through our mission. 

Transparency – being open and honest about who we are, our work, our progress, our abilities, our intentions, risks and possibilities.  We are open to new ideas and alternate ways of working.  We are open to diverse ideas and perspectives on the problem to be solved, or the opportunity to be explored. 

Respect – we admire the accomplishments of others, and we honor those who see things differently.  Our diversity of skills and perspectives is what feeds creativity and innovation.   

Courage – to be brave to speak the truth, brave to face the unknown, brave to try new methods and show vulnerability in not knowing the outcome.  Our courage comes in trying new things as a critical method for uncovering the next new thing, the untried.

Focus – the intention and ability to concentrate on one problem or opportunity and dig in deep, to explore all facets and uncover critical facts, and to dance to the edges and see other perspectives as a way to find a new way ‘in’ to creating a new and innovative solution.