Need a jolt of creativity and innovation in your life? Consider becoming an expat in Portugal!

expatriate (“expat”)

a person who lives outside their native country.
“American expatriates in Portugal”

Northern Portugal – Minho Province

Green Hat Coaching & Consulting supports expats looking for options in the northwestern part of the country, north of Porto, primarily in the Minho Province. This includes the districts of Braga and Viana do Castelo. 




Photo of Roger Sheehy
Roger Sheehy
Rogerio Maia

Our team of Roger & Rogerio are here to help expats during their search trips, preparation phase, and early arrival. 

We’ll help with lifestyle questions and preparation, rental or home-purchase site searches, visa prep steps, and month-one in-country setup.

We’re partnering with Prisco Business Services for those who need help with the visa itself, specifically D2 (entrepreneur), the new Tech Visa, the Golden Visa, and starting a new business in Portugal. 

We are here for you!

Wanting to check out Porto, as well?  We’ll connect you with another partner in that area, Gail Aguiar

Many expats are looking for 6-12 month rentals and these can be very difficult to find, especially when you are still in your home country.  The financial requirements can be confusing and differ from landlord to landlord, and can change over time.  We can support you in this!  We have connections with several rental landlords/companies and realtors and can help locate options, along with being your eyes and ears in-country.   Let’s schedule a call to understand your needs!

Need help with laying out your migration plan?  We can assist with this also. 

We can work directly with you, or can use our partnership with the Prisco team, if you need greater visa assistance. 

We can be reached via our Portuguese phones or via What’s App, Skype, and other online video/audio chat options. 

Contact us to set up a time!

Confused about Portuguese geography and terms. Check out our Geo-Help page!