Feeling a loss of your leadership passion? Lost your mojo? Missed out on a recent promotion? Make 2020 YOUR YEAR!

If you’re just going through the motions, experiencing physical stress, a loss of self-confidence, a loss of courage, lower resiliency, and seeing lower levels of success with your team, you might need a leadership coach!

Through 8 1-hour guided sessions, re-ignite your passion for leadership and transform your results!

We discuss any of the following topics that interest you, tailored to your own personal situation.
· Passion, purpose and ‘the big why’
· Situational leadership styles
· Storytelling for leaders
· Teamwork and team engagement
· Agile leadership and strategy
· Emotional intelligence
· Other topics of your own choosing

You will evaluate your current level of understanding and execution in each topic, dig deep into the topic, explore your motivations, and discuss improvements that you can take back to your team today.

These sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and are typically scheduled on Saturday or Sunday so they do not interfere with normal working hours.

Re-claim your passion! Re-energize your team! Create your legacy as an amazing leader!

Message me when you are ready to begin, or schedule your first free discovery session at https://greenhatcoaching.youcanbook.me.

What emerges is a new you…. a charismatic, engaging, empathetic, visionary leader with a highly effective team.  You can then begin your climb to being an even greater leader with a full collection of tools in your toolbox and success from the start.  You become even more valuable to the company, to your team members (each on their own growth path), and to your own own career. 

Team Leaders/Managers

This bright future is now available to you!

The following Journey to Leader coaching modules are available following the Discovery / Introductory Discussion.

8-session Package price 2000 euros.

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Dev Managers

This applies to you, too!

Check out the modules customized for you.

Additional coaching modules can be customized for your role or for any topic in which you wish to grow through coaching!

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Need a bit of time for self-reflection first? Head to the pre-Discovery page to see if you are ready.

Journey to Leader Modules

1. Start with Why
Why does WHY matter so much
What WHY’s matter in your role
What WHY’s matter to your team
How to practice WHY leadership
2. Tuckman’s Model of Teamwork (Forming, Storming, Norming…)
What are the stages – how teams go from being nice, to arguing, to working together.
How do they apply to leadership
Guiding your team through stages
3. Superpowers for You and Your Team
What are they
What are yours
How to determine the superpowers in your team
How to use them to solve problems using the skills of everyone.
4. Levels of Listening
What are the levels (internal, external, global)
How do they apply to your leadership
Why do they matter
Practice rounds in the 3 levels
5. Emotional Intelligence
What is it and why does it matter
The 4 quadrants
How to improve
6. Leadership is an Art & Drive
Direction (VVG)
Enable others
Civility and Values
Drive Motivation:  Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose
7. Agile Leadership – Strategic Doing
Lean Startup concepts
Strategic Doing
Lean Strategy
Short Cycles
8. Storytelling – Key Techniques for Leaders
Why stories work
A few key styles – frameworks
The storytelling card deck
The Leaders Guide to Storytelling
Exercises for teams or individuals
9. Originals & Non-Conformists
Are you an original, or do you want to be one?
What novel ideas captivate you?
How to be an original without risking it all
10. 9 Minutes on Monday
Purpose to Paycheck
The Monday Routine
Forging a Bond
Increase Motivation
Better Reward/ Recognitions
11. Smarter, Faster, Better
8 productivity concepts
Self-organizing team & motivation
Cognitive tunnels
Team members make the difference
How do these apply to your leadership?
12. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
What are the dysfunctions?
Where is your team
How are you contributing
How to guide your team through them
13. 6 Hats Thinking for Problem Solving
What are they
How do they apply to leadership
How do you make use of them
Creative Abrasion
14. Lean Change Management
FUD Factor
Co-creating Change
Why Lean?
15. Performance Reviews that Work
How often & trends – the agile approach
Coaching Mindset
360 approach
Self assessments
Respectful candor
Phrase & Behaviors
16. Negotiating a Better Salary
Key negotiation preparation
Know your worth / Get your worth
How to prepare
How to negotiate
17. Working with Difficult People
Types of bad bosses
Strategies to understand them
Strategies to succeed in spite of them
How are you one of them

Be ready to take on the challenge, and get ready for the one after that!   

Earn respect and appreciation from your teams, peers, and senior leaders.   

Blossom into the leader you were created to be.