Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Dev Managers: You went to class, you got the certification, but now the reality is setting in. The teams aren’t responding like they did in class!

I’ve created your own set of one-hour coaching modules!

You, too, can now engage your own private coach.  Even in ‘secret’ – in the privacy of video sessions after work.  Over the course of 5-10-15 weeks, you can begin to gain skills, confidence, and successful interactions with your new team.  No one need know HOW it happened. 

What emerges is a new you…. a charismatic, engaging, empathetic, visionary leader with a highly effective team, delivering business value.  You, too, can begin your climb to being an even greater leader with a full collection of tools in your toolbox and success from the start.  You become even more valuable to the company, to your team members (each on their own growth path), and to your own own career. 

The following Business Agility coaching modules are available following the Discovery / Introductory Discussion.

Additional coaching modules can be customized for your role or for any topic in which you wish to grow through coaching!

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Need a bit of time for self-reflection first? Head to the pre-Discovery page to see if you are ready.

Business Agility & Scrum Master Modules

1. Agile Leadership & SupportWhy it is so important
Where and when
A holistic culture system
2. Product Owners / ManagersDesign Thinking
Market Research
UI/UX Integration & Input
What if they don’t show?
Product Roadmaps
User Journey Maps
Story Mapping
Acceptance Criteria
Alignment to OKR’s / Strategic Goals
3. Scrum MasterWhat’s working? What’s not working?
How well do you interact with your Product Owner?
Is your team moving from Storming to Norming to Performing?
What’s the team’s North Star, and are their Sprint Goals moving in the right direction?
4. CeremoniesWhat are they and why are they important?
How to keep them interesting
Dealing with remote/distributed teams
Finding the balance between scrum master and team
Dysfunctions to watch for
5. ArtifactsAre your artifacts working?
Is your Product Roadmap aligned to your OKR’s (Strategic Objectives and KPI’s)?
Too many product backlogs?
Is your Jira configuration helping or hurting?
What is your board telling you?
Are your stories meeting Definition of Ready and Definition of Done?
6. StylesShould I switch from Scrum to Kanban or reverse?
Are my WIP limits working?
Are you subtasking your stories? Why or why not? What value might subtasking deliver?
JIRA Release Tracking – to use it or not?
How does your QA team/process fit in? Are improvements in order?
6. Dashboards & ChartsWhat is your dashboard/charts telling you?
What AREN’T they telling you?
Burndown vs. Burnup?
What is the Control Chart and Cycle Time telling you?
Two-dimensional tables – how could they help you with analytics on your team, your stories, and your releases?

Be ready to take on the challenge, and get ready for the one after that!   

Earn respect and appreciation from your teams, peers, and senior leaders.   

Blossom into the leader you were created to be.