We are finding that some smaller companies do not want, or cannot afford, a full-time Agile Coach onsite. However, these same companies still desire some coaching, consulting, mentoring, and/or training that Agile Coaches can provide. They recognize the value of an objective external coach with a long-term relationship to the team and the product, but want the independence to work most of the month on their own.

To honor this need and provide services in a flexible and cost-effective way, we are now offering the Agile Monthly Tune-up Program.

Clients can choose options from 1 day/month to 2 weeks/month. Contracts typically run for 6-12 months to ensure that we gain real and lasting value from the improvements.

Each month, the tune-up can focus in different areas. You may vary the team that we work with, or we can focus on varying activities with the same team, month over month.

Tune-Up Activities:

  • Product Roadmap & Backlog Assessment & Tune-up
  • Agile Leadership Assessment & Tune-up
  • Design Thinking Process Integration
  • User Story Assessment & Tune-up
  • Sprint Planning Assessment & Tune-up
  • Daily Stand-ups Assessment & Tune-up
  • Sprint Reviews Assessment & Tune-up
  • Sprint or Team Retrospectives
  • Levels of Teamwork and Communication
  • Dashboards & Metrics Assessment & Tune-up
  • Scrum Master or Product Owner Training/Refreshers

Send us a message through the Contact Us page, if you are interested!