Life as we Know It

The ‘challenge question’ for each of us is what we will do next? How do we make this time matter? How do we ensure that the most GOOD will come out of it? What is your own Why? Your own Purpose? What Contribution will you have the Courage to make for your Community?

The 3 Best Things to Take to the Holiday Parties

As many of us prepare to join family and friends at the upcoming holiday parties and family gatherings, I’d like to offer what I think are the three best items to take with you.   Gratitude for our diverse Superpowers: We all have a unique way in which we participate in the world. We come with ‘superpowers’ –Continue reading “The 3 Best Things to Take to the Holiday Parties”

Mastery is in the Journey

Looking for a few individuals or teams that need to accelerate their learning and get to the next level in the next 60-90 days. Focusing on leadership skills or business agility and value delivery chain. PM me via LinkedIn, email me at thene@greenhatcoaching.com, or use the https://greenhatcoaching.com/services/ page to discuss further.