Wrapping up 2020… the crazy year!

Today, I’m reflecting on my experience in 2020, and planning how to show up in 2021.

This week is a week in limbo, as I pass from working with one client on their IT policies/procedures and Change Management program (for about 9 weeks) to a new role, returning to my favorite role… a coach for software teams… helping teams work together better, and helping each person grow into their most amazing self in technical excellence, product creativity, problem solving, teamwork, a culture of joy, and leadership.

At the same time, this week in limbo is a rollercoaster of emotions. Good memories of past years, and even good moments from this past year. Many new learnings. New friends. New paintings. New experiences. And memories of a few missed opportunities, lost friends, and a few bad decisions over the years. “Should-a, would-a, could-a.”

In working through the emotions, I am painting small tiles – images of things that bring me that lasting and sustainable happiness… Deep Joy.

Even in my moodiest moments, I am confident, resilient, and hopeful. I retain my trust that God carries us in the palm of his hand and walks beside us each day. I continue to trust that he leads me into opportunities to be of service to others in ways that use my best combination of skills, experience, personality and perspective.

On this day, each day, Choose Joy.
Remember and cherish your loved ones.
Celebrate each new day.
Savor the flavors of each moment.
Connect to family and friends.
Hope for a better tomorrow.

My own goals for 2021?

How about you?

Have you done your personal year-end retrospective, your self-assessment?

  • What did you do well?
  • What could use some improvement?

What’s on your roadmap for 2021, and what are your top 3-4 goals?

How will you show up daily with the confidence, resilience, and hopefulness to do your best – what keeps your engines fired up and ready to go?

How will you show up a ‘better you’ in 2021?

What affirmations carry you forward when times are tough?

What beliefs might be holding you back from becoming more?

How will you find the balance to care for your self and care for others in healthy, sustainable ways?

Stay well. Continue learning. Connect or re-connect to friends and family.

Published by Thene Sheehy

Living & Working in the Silver Coast of Portugal