Super-spreaders for the Holidays???

Super-spreader events… the new term for 2020.

How about we ‘re-cast’ that term in a new light?

The research and studies in the science of happiness tell us a few things about what makes us, and keeps us, happy.

  1. Experiences make us happier than stuff (things).
  2. Experiences make us happier longer than things.
  3. When we look back into our past, experiences have more value for us than things.
  4. Experiences help us feel more alive and less likely to compare ourselves to others.
  5. Anticipation before an experience, savoring during, and memorializing after experiences help that boost to happiness last much, much longer.

What does all that have to do with a super-spreader event?

So many of us are in areas where our holiday parties cannot happen this year. Those events would be super-spreaders for the virus.

Instead, how about creating a virtual video JOY super-spreader event for those same friends???

  • A Video Joy Super-Spreader (VJSS) event can easily include 30+ people… but you can’t all talk at once!
  • A VJSS event can include people anywhere in the world, or just your friends in the neighborhood.
  • A VJSS event can cross time-zones… a totally impossible feat for an in-person party.
  • A VJSS event can include a dance (sharing YouTube dance videos), a party game (try a Miro board or Google jamboard).
  • A VJSS event can allow each person to choose their own favorite drinks and treats, accommodating everyone’s unique dietary choices.
  • A VJSS event can include the shy and introverted friends who would NEVER attend a party. They can opt when to turn on their camera, or might be brave enough to keep it on for the full party but just not talk.
  • A VJSS event can cover whichever holiday you choose to celebrate, or each person can present their own holiday items and colors. Mix-n-match.

This season, we need faces, voices, and love more than ever.

We need to spread joy and hope and model positive community spirit for those around us.

Grow positivity, not negativity.

I challenge each of you to host at LEAST one VJSS event in the 30 days (who says we have to stop at Dec 31???).

Schedule soon so that you have time to BUILD the anticipation!

Take photos and share them afterwards to EXTEND the joy even longer!

This is a unique year. Next December is unlikely to look anything like this one. Capture this rare time and create some joy.

As for us… we have 2 Christmas video parties scheduled already… one family and one our local expat friends. Share the love and spread the joy!

Schedule your VJSS party today.

Published by Thene Sheehy

Living & Working in the Silver Coast of Portugal